MadStarBase, led by Neal Sekhri and Anant Ahuja, are a production and DJ crew who perpetually create and curate some of the freshest, and most forward-thinking music. Blending multiple genres in an inimitable style, MadStarBase explore new musical territories and in doing so have helped mold a musical landscape in India and abroad.

MadStarBase are one of the first modern artists to reimagine how the world experiences Bollywood music by creating floor shaking, bass-heavy, club-centric remixes of iconic Bollywood songs. Songs such as Choli Ke Peeche, Mehbooba Mehbooba and Laila O Laila were remixed with such ferocity that it made Indian music, particularly Bollywood songs, feel cool again, and inspired an entire generation of musicians and artists.

From original tracks to bootlegs and remixes, from fashion to art, MadStarBase have become an undeniable force helping shape the culture of young India today.

Latest Releases

Mehbooba Mehbooba - MadStarBase - MadStarBase
Mehbooba Mehbooba - MadStarBase
2024 • Single

In The News

GQ catches up with MadStarBase - MadStarBase
GQ catches up with MadStarBase
GQ catches up with MadStarBase at Magnetic Fields Nomads in Ranthambhore. Everything that went down at the first-ever post-pandemic edition of the festival
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Meet MadStarBase, India Art Fair’s first young patron of the year - MadStarBase
Meet MadStarBase, India Art Fair’s first young patron of the year
MadStarBase, which specialises in forward-thinking music, has created an art pop-up in collaboration with the India Art Fair and Mumbai's Method gallery. The musical duo has collaborated with the fair to bring the ‘Fresh Produce’ show from Mumbai’s Method gallery to Delhi.
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Sakhi - Keelaka Dance Company - MadStarBase
Sakhi - Keelaka Dance Company
It's been almost a decade since we first dropped Choli and the nuclear Mollywood anthems, revitalizing and recontextualizing Bollywood and Indian music. Now onto the next project. We have set our sights on another Indian treasure. The classical Indian dance form of Bharatnatyam is getting some of the MadStarBase treatment, an attack on the sensibilities, a fresh new take on how we consume it, all with a focus on compelling and unique stories told through a new sonic landscape. MadStarBase and Keelaka Dance Company are joining forces to sprinkle some much needed spice on this ancient, niche, complex artform to bring back the excitement and push the boundaries of Bharatnatyam. We are excited to introduce the first show titled Sakhi : Exploring a Friendship Between Sita and Draupadi. Exhibiting in three cities : New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.
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